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Vintage Scotch Whisky bottles at the Dornoch Castle Hotel bar. File photo ©2021, Mark Gillespie/CaskStrength Media.

Building a New Whisky Legacy in Dornoch (Episode 881: July 19, 2021)

The Scottish town of Dornoch has a lot of history, and the Thompson brothers are adding a new chapter to the town’s legacy. Their family owns the historic Dornoch Castle Hotel, and after managing the hotel and its world-class whisky bar for several years, Phil and Simon Thompson decided to open their own distillery near the hotel four years ago. They’ve only bottled one cask of their own whisky so far as a thank-you for supporters who helped crowdfund the project, and have also started their own range of independent bottlings to keep the business going while their own whisky continues to mature. That’s also given them a unique perspective of the whisky industry as connoisseurs, whisky makers, and bar owners…and not everything they’ve seen in recent years makes them happy. We’ll talk with the brothers on this week’s WhiskyCast In-Depth. In the news, the relaxation of some pandemic-related health restrictions could open up more whisky travel and event opportunities soon, and we’ll have the details on the week’s new whiskies. We’ll also have a tribute to one of the great distillers of his day and tasting notes for a rare whisky sample that slipped through the cracks years ago!


An actor portraying George Washington peers through a window at George Washington's Distillery at Mount Vernon. File photo ©2021, Mark Gillespie/CaskStrength Media.

American History…With the Whiskey Stuff Included! (Episode 879: July 12, 2021)

There are lots of things about American history that never make into the history textbooks. For instance, the Mayflower left for America with three times as much beer on board as drinking water, and while George Washington may have been the first U.S. President to become a whiskey distiller, at least two of his successors also owned whiskey distilleries. Harris Cooper digs into some of the things the textbook writers left out in his new book “American History Through a Whiskey Glass,” and he’ll join us on this week’s podcast. In the news, the Scotch Whisky Association is looking for a new leader as chief executive Karen Betts prepares to move on, while British officials may be ready to act on the American whiskey tariff soon. We’ll have those stories and much more, and on Behind the Label, we’ll explain what the story behind WhistlePig Rye’s newest release has in common with a Margarita.

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Bob Baxter of Yukon Spirits/Two Brewers Whisky and Todd Leopold of Leopold Bros. in Denver joined us on Friday night's live webcast. We'll have an audio version available soon.

Bob Baxter of Yukon Spirits/Two Brewers Whisky and Todd Leopold of Leopold Bros. in Denver joined us on Friday night’s live webcast. We’ll have an audio version available soon.

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Most people don't get the chance to look around distilleries at night, when the shadows can take an ordinary row of barrels and emphasize the texture in both the wood of the barrels and the stone walls of the Pulteney Distillery still house in Scotland.

Most people don’t get the chance to look around distilleries at night, when the shadows can take an ordinary row of barrels and emphasize the texture in both the wood of the barrels and the stone walls of the Pulteney Distillery still house in Scotland.